The most authentic way to keep, share and find moments, memories, and relive nostalgia Noteables is the place for individuals and organizations to tell and share their story through moments, memories and reliving nostalgia. Individual's memories are a market research gold mine for brands because the user data is completely authentic. Organization accounts amplify user acquisition as well because they invite their wider community to join and engage, starting with the 4500 colleges and universities in the US. We remember different things, and we remember things differently. Since we now keep our memories in so many places, Noteables curates them in one place, whether from a shoebox under the bed, or existing social networks where we already have a digital footprint. Now, we can easily access and share memories from the palm of our hands. Each memory is connected to people and a specific place and time. Adding memories can be as easy as accepting a tag from your family or friends, and just like that, the memory has become part of your story.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $200K