Automatically Fused Consumers' and Brands' Visual Storytelling Album $50B is Brands' Sponsorships spending annually, where their ROI is limited to Consumers seeing the Brands' logos all over. Similarly, Brands are spending on their own Content Creation of their Brands' Storytelling, unable to access Consumers' Storytelling that outnumbered the Brands' Storytelling. With no Consumers' engagement and nothing to excite them to what they'd like to keep / remember and to makes the Consumers feel closer to the Brand. Nostalgic is turning Consumers? Visual Storytelling into Content Marketing Platform for Brands. Nostalgic Platform automatically generates Personalized Branded Albums of the Consumers? social interaction with the Brands? products, services and events, with related Brand?s content. Automatically fusing Consumers? and Brands' Storytelling into digital and printed albums - benefiting both Brands and the Consumers. Nostalgic increases Brands' ROI and Consumers' engagement, by offering Consumers personalized and branded, social album for Free.