Modern Classic Car Club Owning a portfolio of some of the best cars from the 1970s ? 90s is costly, time consuming and out of reach for most people with this desire. The Nostalgia Car Club offers the solution: members pay an affordable subscription fee which provides usage of 10 great *?modern classics? with an increase of 10 cars each year for a fraction of the cost of ownership and without the hassle of maintenance, storage, security or insurance (year 1 cars include a Mustang Mach1, Porsche 911, Capri 2.8i & a Mini Cooper). *?Modern classics are at the forefront of classic car value rises? (source Classic Car Weekly). The club will provide the ultimate nostalgic motoring experience for people who want to relive their motoring past or drive the cars they wanted when younger. In the UK there are over 500 classic car clubs with 250k members, 8.2m people with an interest and ?5.5bn in annual related spend (source FBVC survey 2016). All cars will appreciate in value and create a profitable business.