Building technologies to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Our first product ?DCab? provides efficient and quick disinfection of lead aprons and white coats used in healthcare settings. We have achieved 95-100% disinfection in 10-15 minutes. This low cost disinfection of lead aprons will assist healthcare facilities to reduce possibility of spreading HAI. Pathogens such as MRSA, Klebsiella, P. aeruginosa, aerobic spore forming bacteria, C.diff, Coagulase negative Staphylococcus, etc growing on lead aprons were efficiently disinfected. Lead aprons are traditionally used in radiation oncology departments, orthopedic surgery rooms, cardiac catheterization labs, radiology areas, as a protection from X-rays. Unfortunately, they do not have a good process to disinfect them daily. Current practice to clean lead aprons is to disinfect them once a week using clorox, which is not very effective. The lead aprons have been found to harbor infectious pathogens that could be passed on the patients during surgeries.