Norwegian Jewelry
Marketplace and blog for artisan Norwegian jewelry designers We are a marketplace for artisan Norwegian jewelry designers. Our offerings not only include our marketplace platform but also digital services: graphic design, e-commerce sites, social media, photography, and 3D/CAD services. The jewelry sector is around $250 billion per year, growing 6% per year according to McKinsey. However, the growth is slanted towards branded jewelry at the expense of artisans who find it difficult and expensive to market themselves. Within Norway, our solution offers a collective marketing concept, more focused than Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, on true artisan jewelry desigenrs from Norway. We provide a platform which includes a URL, biography, market space, and social media marketing and commerce. We hope to raise funding to get catalyze our brand, advertising in the Norwegian airlines flight magazine in promienent fashion and jewelry forusms.
Member count: 1-10