Magnasoft Consulting India
Child Safety Product Northstar is the first the first product of Magnasoft?s product group. 1. Our mission is "Keep children safe" 2. We want to be the number #1 child safety SaaS brand and ecosystem in the world 3 .We have three businesses - Schools, Governments and Parents-Direct ? a) Northstar S is deployed at 150 schools, protects 120,000 children and provides peace of mind to quarter of a million parents across India. b) Nortstar G - white labeled, is deployed at Abu Dhabi to protect 240,000 children and provide peace of mind to half a million parents - 6000 buses use our SaaS platform to protect children in just that country c) Northstar C - We are building an IoT ecosystem connecting parents and children through mobile end points and aim to protect 5 million children in 3 years - the system involves custom wearable technology and mobile applications on all leading mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows mobile.
Member count: 501-1000