The app that challenges users to violate social norms to create face-to-face connections If you have a smartphone, or have friends with smartphones, then you've likely experienced this pain point: technology that interferes with in-person relationships. We at NormBreaker don't want to take away phones, but instead, we want to leverage screen-time to promote off-screen interaction, connection, and fun. Instead of just using your phone for texting, emails, or solo game-play, NormBreaker is the game that gets you out of your comfort zone, talking to strangers and doing ridiculous challenges with your friends. Have you ever tried to bargain in a retail store? Talked to a stranger like you've known them for years? Walked backwards down the street? If the answer is no, then you're missing out on memorable experiences and a lot of laughter. Our model is branded around Norm, the quirky fish out of water who challenges you to get out of your own tank. The growth potential and monetization is lucrative, with branded content, in-app purchases, and embedded marketing.
Member count: 1-10