Find and compare the outdoor activities of a destination, before you book them At least 80% of all activity bookings are still made offline or direct. This is because most activity booking platforms provide a global portfolio of activities instead of a regional focus. This is a major misfit to the actual planning and booking behaviour of (adventure) travellers who are independent planners that want to easily find and compare activities before booking them. Global platforms do not provide that kind of detail. Providers love our platform because it is so smooth to use and they understand the importance of regionality. Being niched in two dimensions is our core USP. We aim to become the most relevant platform for each market we enter. Plan activities for your entire trip along interactive maps, book all in one go and have all details in one place. Plus, we provide a safe environment to book even small providers. All of this combined makes our platforms superior to any global booking site in terms of relevancy and usability to the typical adventure traveller.
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