We are based in Munich and created Nora around the needs of our friends and families. Over time our hometowns lost their nostalgic flair because of all the big chains that entered the city. Local businesses were not able to compete and closed — one after another. We believe in the importance of local businesses and want to help social influencers continue doing what they love — taking pictures, creating art, blogging about their everyday life. Or just sharing with their friends. We want them to focus on their content by supporting them, too. In a world where everyone uses Airbnb to travel the world and Uber to get around town, why is marketing still dominated by a few? How does it work? You post about a local business online and get stuff for free. An example: There is this local Italian restaurant around the corner. Go there, open the Nora app and post whatever you want about it on Facebook or Instagram. The restaurant gets authentic exposure and you enjoy an amazing bowl of spaghetti for free. It’s as simple as that. This works for food, clothing, tech and everything else. We’re excited about this journey and are still working hard to make Nora happen, so follow us while we’re rethinking the world of advertisement.
Location: Germany, Bavaria, Munich
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2015