Festival Queue Jumper App The ultimate queue jump package for festivals and events. The NoQ system enables organisers to market their event to potential leads, increase the happiness of their patrons and maximising partner sales all on one integrated system. This is achieved by the following functionality: 1) Event organisers gain access to a database of pre-validated leads, tailored towards festival type and location. 2) Event goers avoid the queues by downloading the mobile app so they can view the stalls, choose their food, make payments and get notified when their food is ready to be picked up. 3) Stall owners use the web based platform to manage their menu, promote their products and view transactions. 4) Stall operators are added into the web platform to manage orders. Changing an order's status sends a live update to the user, meaning the are kept up to date on the process of their order. 5) Event organisers can view the revenue generated throughout the system and manage their partner accounts.