Cut the Noise! We are building a better, more intelligent and more social Flipboard. A Web and mobile app that does not only allow you to aggregate, organize and read content from your favorite publishers, authors, bloggers and friends, but also uses a unique and proprietary personalization technology to recommend content in the form of a magazine with pages uniquely edited to match the reader's interests. The interesting articles appear larger and the least relevant occupy less space, or are completely discarded. This allows readers to easily discover the content that matters in half the time and effort. This also means that content producers can rest assured that their articles and ads will reach those interested and will not get lost, or ignored. NOOWIT is taming information overload to create a network for targeted publishing and personalized presentation of quality content. Every NOOWIT user can create a personal MAG with curated, or originally authored content and join this network.
Member count: 1-10