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Collaborative webplatform for sustainable development projects How? ?businesses? ?can? ?find? ?sustainable? ?solutions? ?suitable? ?for? ?their? ?businesses? ?to? ?increase revenue? The project is based on two pillars. 1. Economy? ?of? ?knowledge? ?(free) Where engineers and entrepreneurs meet and work/learn of different problems. The AI will make the research and the teamwork more effective that the current solutions. A bot will assist every user to get the right answer for their problem. The content won?t be written for Google (generating clicks) but to answer their questions. 2. Circular? ?economy? ?(PPC) Businesses which are offering sustainable solution will be able to register themselves and reference their solution with a PPC solution. Businesses which are looking for sustainable solution will be able to make a ?business analysis? to get all the sustainable opportunities local and/or global for their businesses. The goal is to increase the revenue of businesses.