The Gold Standard In Nootropics Nootroo creates synergistic combinations of nootropic ingredients designed to enhance the higher-level activities of the mind, such as learning and memory. Nootroo, since its inception in 2014, has lead the nootropic field in terms of quality and effectiveness of our products. Sticking as close to the science behind the nootropic concept as possible, our formulas have been widely recognized as "The Gold Standard in Nootropics." Our Gold & Silver Formula is a once-daily capsule containing a blend of the best nootropic compounds available. Our forthcoming, Green Formula, also known as SmoothCaffeine, is designed to provide extreme mental endurance with a calm zen-like focus. Nootroo's mission isn't just about selling pills, it is about helping our users achieve optimal performance. To that end, we created the Nootroo Protocol, a system of meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep, in addition to nootropics, to help our customers make significant improvements to their lives.