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Celebrate your new life with Noobie Box, a free gift box filled with high-quality products, valuable coupons and trusted information. And the Noobie Box ships directly to your nest — so you don’t have to shop or schlep! The first 200 Noobie Boxes are now available for moms-to-be in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA and RI. As you are now discovering during pregnancy, your life is full of many new decisions. Like a special gift of goodies hand-selected by your all-knowing girlfriend, Noobie Box gives you and your baby a great start together. Every item included in the Noobie Box has passed our founders’ “would we use this ourselves?” test. In fact, during our own early days of motherhood we turned to many of the brands you’ll discover inside your Noobie Box. So when you reach for a product or read the information sheets in your Noobie Box, you can be confident knowing that many other mothers have put their trust in the same names. Set aside time for yourself or with a loved one to unwrap and discover the items inside your Noobie Box. Put your feet up, get comfy (as comfy as you can) and make the occasion an experience. Ready to celebrate your exciting new milestone? Order your free Noobie Box now:

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