Waze for your social life It's like Waze but for the social scene. Users can create accounts, and earn points for using the app. Users can add restaurants, bars, and other social locations in a large city. Users can then add daily specials, photos, etc. of these venues. When the user logs into the app they have the ability to see real-time updates on what is going on at nearby venues. There might be a random/fantastic drink special at a local bar, a great dinner special at a nearby restaurant, or an awesome rave going on in a nearby underground club the user has never heard of. Like the Waze app users are encouraged to update in real time about the happenings at a venue. This will allow users to learn information they would have to call or go to the venue to find out. Such as how long is the wait, is there a cover, is the bar hopping, etc. Users will not have their actual name displayed on the app for safety, but there will be a social aspect in that users can request info and communicate with those nearby.