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NoNetz is out to redefine thread in order to create problem solving activewear NoNetz makes problem solving activewear. Our anti chafe swimwear for guys replaced the traditional mesh/net brief with an anti bacterial, water resistant liner. As a result, this unique design prevents the inner thigh rash most guys experience when they're at the beach or pool. Our SMARTee's actively manage your body's micro climate. When you're hot, the fabric pulls the heat away from you and stores it. When you're cooling down, the fabric releases the stored heat back to you ensuring you're always comfortable. Target demographic are outside workers, runners, and menopausal women. In dev now are sweats, using NASA textile tech they use in astronaut suits. These sweats will manage your body temp in the heat and in the cold - the goal is homeostatic body temp for ultimate comfort. We believe clothes should do more than just hide your naked body.
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