Music App For Unsigned Artist Tavaro (Music) is a media player app that allows indie artists to promote music videos and promoters to promote artists with an interview segment.The Tavaro media player app sets the stage for an annual showcase for unsigned artists to perform with a mainstream artist and for promoters to host the event. Tavaro featured artists are the highest viewed songs which will play in a random loop when the app is launched. Tavaro's Jockey option allows promoters to arrange Tavaro?s music database into a playlist and input segments to interview and critique artist songs in their network. Tavaro?s Network is determined by the area code of the users. This cancels out information overload for the user from multiple artist around the globe. Users will have the ability to access music in Tavaro?s database by a search option or external link viewable on all Social Media Platforms. Tavaro will partner with Twitter with a chat option for Feedback from users by hashtagging the artist and song name.