Cheaper and greener Blue Apron Nom Noms provides healthy, ready-to-cook meal kits delivered to convenient pick-up ?hubs? throughout our service areas. Our meal kits cost just $4.99 per serving, less than half the cost of competing services. We maintain the industry standard of 25-30% margins through our unique sourcing and delivery models. All our meal kits include "recovered" ingredients, allowing us to keep our prices lower than competing services. By sourcing our food both for-profit and non-profit distributors, we?re able to purchase overstocked ingredients at a fraction of their normal price while reducing waste in the food industry. One-third of customers of meal kit services say they would purchase kits more regularly if they could find them in or near grocery stores. Our pickup hub model taps into this market of current customers, while our low prices allow us to tap into an entirely new market of students and working-class Americans who otherwise cannot afford this type of service.