Real, good food for dogs & cats. Backed by science and made with love Americans purchase nearly $30b of pet food per year, the vast majority of which is generic, mass-manufactured product sold through traditional retailers. NomNomNow believes that this experience is woefully behind the times. Combining technology, data, and cutting edge nutritional research, NomNomNow offers consumers a more personal experience centered around made-to-order, fresh, home-cooked food for pets. Leveraging a custom e-commerce and operational platform built by former Google engineers, NomNomNow cooks and delivers directly to customers 14 fresh meals every week that are specifically portioned and packaged- down to the gram - for each pet. All of the company's recipes are formulated by one of the country's leading veterinary nutritionists, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, and are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. NomNomNow offers customers unparalleled insights into their pets' nutrition, and its algorithms improve with each new customer.
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