NOMNIO d.o.o. - Living Progress.

NOMNIO d.o.o. - Living Progress.
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Our modern lifestyle needs a facelift. We should not stress about things like turning off the lights, heater, cooler or iron. But we do, because forgetting about it makes our energy bill a living nightmare. We offer a solution, carefully tailored to meet the needs of home device manufacturers, resellers, maintenance and customer service. That being said, we always put the people's needs first. Companies can get real-time control over their product's statistics, not to mention awareness of their customer's needs, and the precious data for further development. The manufacturers will always have their supply and demand data at hand. The maintenance department will have a complete overview of the devices assigned to them at any time or place. By joining us, companies give their customers much more than just their products and services; they offer a new lifestyle. Using our specific knowledge, we aim to erase the annoying daily burdens and help people relax. We do not want people wasting time, tapping on tablets or phones every hour just to make sure their home is O.K. Forget about it, our homes are all grown up; they can take care of themselves. The only thing left for us to do will be to let go and smile, knowing how much time and energy we save.
Location: Slovenia, Maribor
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2013