Nomly | Ask a Local
Conversational recommendations from locals The Nomly app connects you with locals for personalized recommendations about where to eat, drink, and explore around town. Get recommendations >> All you have to do is ask. We'll broadcast your request out to the locals who know about that topic. They'll respond, telling you where to go and why. Send recommendations >> Think you know the perfect spot to recommend? Go for it! Share your favorites with people exploring your city. You can gain expertise in different topics for making good recommendations. Perfect for... > Traveling > Exploring different parts of your own city > Recent transplants, whether you moved cities or just moved neighborhoods > Planning a date night with your SO > Planning a first date with your new match > Answering that question, "Where should we go for dinner?" > Airbnb and Short-term-rental hosts wanting to improve their guests' experiences > Foodies who love to experience new places and try new dishes > Showing off your local knowledge!
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