NOMI Beauty Companies

NOMI Beauty Companies
Nomi (Know-Me) Beauty is a platform that creates omnichannel retail touchpoints in beauty and wellness for travelers. These touchpoints create both convenience and functionality for purchasing prestige products in various ways and receiving on-demand services. As soon as a guest books a hotel room NOMI has access to welcome them to their new world of experiences. Our integrations focus on capturing users and creating profits centers while eliminating brick and mortar. We give users the availability to shop and discover new products in their hotel room, experience a salon or spa service on demand, and shop online for home delivery. Through our software and partnerships, we let them know before they arrive of all new possibilities. During their journey with us, we got to know them through their purchases, experiences, and travel habits. We become as intimate as possible with our customers constantly building their NOMI profile. Listening to their needs and supporting them to convert into lifetime users of our incubated brands, introducing them digitally to the brands they discovered during their journey, or providing them convenient duty free solutions. Many customers never open their wallet as they seamlessly enjoy our integrated room charging capabilities. Nomi beauty is on a mission to bring the best of what consumers love about Amazon, Sephora, and Duty Free America into the $30B+ Travel Beauty Retail Market.
Location: United States, New York
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2016