New DIY Oil Change Products I created a new way to change your oil. My DIY system can help the 30% of Americans who change their own oil. My No Mess Products will make the oil change experience easy, fast and above all; clean! To do this, I invented 2 new products and reused and repurposed 2 other products. Inventions: 1. No Mess Drain Plug - turns the drain plug into a valve, which makes draining oil tool free and clean. It does make it slower if not using the oil extractor. 2. No Mess Filter Drain - a new tool that allows you to drain your oil filter's oil before removing the oil filter: eliminating the biggest mess. Repurposes: 1. No Mess Oil Extractor - a pump that moves oil fast! 2. No Mess Super Magnets - these are all about prevention. The cleanest oil uses magnets to clean the oil and will always do better than an oil filter alone. My products aren't high tech but they are selling. I just started and bought a booth at Bike Week. People attending the show bought my products.
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