Highly Modular, Cost-Effective, No Permanent Magnets NoMag designs and manufactures modular electric motor, motor controller, and lithium battery pack systems. Our controllers can work with any motor, but our motor can't work with just any controller. We had to ask ourselves, if we have this nice motor controller, why have a separate battery charger? If we want to have Vehicle to Grid, why have yet another expensive set of power electronics? Our motor controller technology combines all three units into one without any part of it being wasted in driving our motor. Best yet, everything we make is modular. Our motors are small pancake shaped systems that bolt together or are used individually. Our controller is a single-phase module that can be stacked together for any motor setup. Our battery is a 'Micro-Pack' that can be disconnected and swapped with a charged one, by hand, without tools. Modular designs, better solutions.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $15K