Purposeful people, meaningful missions NOMAD URBANISM is a conglomerate specializing in 3 main cores such as Design, Living and Industries. It was founded in 2019 by futurologist and businessman Romain Grout while he was working in the hospitality business. It is Nomad+ Partners' leading subsidiary and will continue to be so the umbrella company for its interests. The fellow founders were influenced to start the company after the multiple fails from the world to tackle urgent issues about better living and inner peace around the planet. The company's name was inspired by the mobility, design and eco of millenials associated to the widely spreading industry of the Living and of the Life Sciences. Grout, who formerly served as chairman and is the current chief executive officer, said that he envisioned Nomad Urbanism as a future strategy development company aimed at eventually offering better living solutions to the average consumer.
Member count: 1-10