Nomad Rides is a commission-free rideshare service. With Nomad, drivers can run their own rideshare business by hooking into a network of paying customers and affordable commercial insurance for a simple monthly subscription. By removing Uber/Lyft’s 25% commission plus booking fee, Nomad drivers earn ~20% more, while riders pay ~20% less. Instead, Nomad monetizes through monthly driver subscriptions, in-car advertising, and in-car vending machines. One investor described us as the Salesforce of the Gig Economy where we sell software as a service (SaaS) to each driver. It’s the driver’s business, Nomad just sells them the software. In our first 68 days of operation, Nomad has grown explosively. We have received over 9,450 ride requests from our 3,700+ users. We had over 1,000 ride requests in a single day as riders have grown obsessed with our service. Some of our top riders have requested 100+ rides since they have downloaded the app. We have coded the entire driver and rider apps ourselves and have reached the point where demand is far outstripping supply. We have thousands of paying, die-hard customers who tell us they love Nomad over Uber and Lyft. They say they feel safer and love our price point. Our service is currently focused on serving large college towns and Midwestern cities. Spend most of my weekends building mobile apps. I love researching blockchain & Bitcoin technology. I also love reading Paul Graham's blog posts. Extreme minimalist!
Location: United States, Champaign