Unique, Disruptive and Scalable Digital Signage Nomadix Media Limited is a Digital Out of Home (?DOOH?) advertising agency. The Company provides state of the art media based digital signage technologies and has developed a range of roaming media systems including the i-Walker and iProjector. Nomadix has delivered campaigns for major agencies and brands. The main product is Nomadix Media i-Walker which provides a fully online managed and securely streamed digital signage media platform, within a network of units worn by humans. The principle of i-Walker is to deliver advertising and 'second screen' mobile interactive messaging for brands and business in and around areas matched and targeted to a key audience or demographic. One of the key strengths of the product is the ability to measure audience impressions using facial detection. The i-Walker product incorporates patent(s) pending hardware to cover the use of a secure exoskeleton frame that supports an elevated 19? inch LED screen above the head. Overseas licenses are selling.
Location: United Kingdom, London