We believe that the tourism industry is in a process of metamorphosis - a new form of experiential travel focused on authentic cultural experiences, outdoor sports activities, local gastronomy and sustainable comfort is becoming increasingly popular. Travellers views, concerns and desires have become more and more tangible thanks to diverse websites, blogs and review sites. As a result traditional beach holidays will be increasingly complimented by a range of additional inland experiences to allow travelers to see a larger number of facets of each destination. Experienced international travelers have already had a wide range of experiences and are increasingly hungry for novel excursions and activities…be they cultural, gastronomic of spiritual – wildlife safaris, yoga retreats, and wilderness camps all bear witness to the new travel paradigm. At Nomadic resorts we build the infrastructure needed to make these experiences possible.
Location: Mauritius, Black River, Flic en Flac
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +230 5931 0955
Founded date: 2012