Zero carbon, modular pods Mobilis in in the moving element. The Looper is a luxury pod inspired by the form of a caterpillar. The pod provides the highest level of luxury but leaves the smallest possible environmental impact. The 45m2 tensile structure meets all the needs of an international traveler ? each pod includes a fully functioning en-suite bathroom, a generously proportioned changing room, an air-conditioned sleeping area, an office area and an indoor/outdoor lounge which can be opened and closed at the flick of a switch. The pods can be configured for a range of environments and situations - constructed on rafts to create floating villas on a lake, perched on the edge of a cliff or hillside or mounted on stilts to transform the Looper into a tree house. For more information visit or contact the CEO Louis Thompson regarding any press or investment enquiries: (GSM +94711952728).