Live a Funnier and Safer Night! noMad is a Social Network where people help people to live funnier and safer. Users post information in real time about how night events are performing, prices, troubles, alerts and everything you need to make your night awesome and safe. The firsts customers are City counties. We will provide a report about the problems and issues by specific areas alerted by the users and facilitating an imput to these entities in order to optimize the resources allocation. This service helps users to choose fun and safe places to spend their nights, based on different criteria, like amount of people reported on the party, entrance cost, existence of parking, safety in the place and other areas that they consider others noMad's have to be aware of, like muggers, robbers or issues. They can post information directly to the app. Anyone who is part of the community can have an opinion in real time about the "mood" in that particular place.
Member count: 1-10