Long Range Electric Touring Motorcycle Actual there are no real long-range electric touring motorcycles on the market. Realistic ranges are less than 150km. Most models don't fit in the needs of a touring biker. We developed the first long range electric touring motorcycle. It will have a 32kWh battery, realistic ranges of 300-400km and will cost less than 20,000 ? incl. taxes. The average tour of a touring biker in the alps is 300km. When the range is higher than the average tour the bike can be charged afterwards. There is no need to charge the bike in between of the tour. Other models need to charge every 100km for 30 minutes or much more. This does not work for riding in the group with more than 2 electric motorcycles. Due to the large battery it is predestined for using it as an energy storage system. Energy suppliers can use the motorcycles in cold times to store green energy and rent the motorcycles at summer time to the riders. Many new business cases are possible.
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