Keep Halloween away from you Most don't want to give away candy. A lesser majority want to see and entertain guests of halloween trick or treaters. Social pressure forces many to give candy away. Our simple no knock sign at your driveway or intersection of public road and your property will keep everyone away. Email for your order for any halloween. Hardly anyone is entertained by costumes, trick or treat means give me free candy, and we all hate seeing the awkward adult in the bushes who walks their kids around, and avoids the awkwardness of being an adult getting candy. Halloween is also extremely bad for the health of young kids and adults and certainly a large part of kids diabetes and health. It's an unnatural holiday, forcing people to give candy, seeing costumes that few enjoy, and overall, over $600 per household over their life saved for no knock. Handling VERY annoying behavior, and costumes which not even the kids wearing enjoy. Onlya forced+unhappy bad holiday. Buy - now!