Making QR Code Awesome! Nokdin is creating a whole new channel for data capturing and data sharing based on QR code technology. We are creating an innovative platform where QR code can communicate two-way between Enterprises and End Users. Through our app and platform enterprises and users can make data sharing personalised and convenient encapsulating many real life applications. Initially our product target these areas: 1. Smart Shoppe (Hypermarkets) ? quick and convenient offline shopping. 2. Online to Offline (Small Retailers) - Effective personalized local promotion. 3. Visitor Management (Corporate, Soceities)- Secure, No CAPEX. 4. Attendance Management ( Offices)- Employee attendance and leave management. 2. Target Users 1. HyperMarts (Smart Shoppe) 2. Local Small Retailers (O2O) 3. Corporate ( Visitor & Attendance Management) 4. Residential Societies (Visitor Management)