Content Relevizer
Based on reactions, sort content Emails, social networks, they're filled with our low-interests. I'm sorry - I can't force interests in astrobiology. Eventually, a network and emails, don't have the effect of captivating you like your bestseller books and media. YouTube also doesn't. We define the cognitive need for depth, so that each social network post is increasingly important and ultimately - you learn from. We define, trash - most blogs and Buzzfeed, which don't really educate you, but what, are inspiration? We know that's not true. Each post is sorted by it's depth, and classics referral, as opposed to having news feed filled with "viral" stuff like porn, or whatever kids will like to stay distracted from school. So in short, we identify classics, summary, things like Shakespeare, where you read, and feel smarter, and more educated, whereas most viral things, you have a quick laugh and want to do more unimportant things for usually weeks. See our part 2 our new social network for real people, not ADD beta