The Noise Complaints Group
Marketing strategy & consulting for artists and brands We love music. Period. BUT we hate noise complaints? The Noise Complaints Group is a collective of audiophiles, marketing mavens, digital junkies, and cultural tastemakers who stay ahead of the curve, striving to push the culture forward. The democratization of the music industry has left the internet flooded with artists as it has never been easier to create and distribute music. On top of that, fans have zero attention span and numerous platforms for music discovery. The opportunities are endless and the odds seem tough, but it is an exciting era for artists. We are here to help artists emerge from that overwhelming noise, rise above the competition and demand an impatient society to stop and listen to their art. At the end of the day, we ARE noise complaint advocates. Music is a universal language and a creative expression, and we want artists and fans to be loud and express themselves without boundaries. Turn the volume up?don't worry about your neighbors.