iPronto Systems

VOIP/Messaging Social Mobile app NoGap provides a secure connection for people to communicate. NoGap also provides a chat engine for group chat as well. When I have seen House of Card series, I thought why an average person has not the right to talk freely and privately. When some governments started filtering VOIP applications, I told to myself even unsecured version has a lot of usages, so a secured version is definitely a need. NoGap creates a Public/Private key pair for each user. The public key would be shared with the community. Using symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, NoGap provides a secure channel to transmit voice and text of users. NoGap uses the same algorithm that US Government uses for its Top Secret communications. Our servers would not be able to decode the communication, even all servers in the world would need 8 years to decrypt a single communication. Available in Apple App Store: itunes.apple.com/us/app/nogap/id898648905?mt=8