NodPod pillowcase is made of high quality 100% cotton People have been experiencing sleeping problems for decades. There?s nothing worse than not being able to get the rest you need. While regular sleep masks can block out light, they don?t have the ability to help you get to sleep. Nothing replaces the comfort of your very own pillow and pillowcase. That?s why the nodpod was designed: to take your relaxation to the next level, not to take away from the coziness already offered by your bed. Order a nodpod sleep mask and experience deeper, more restful sleep today. Whether you have trouble dozing off at night, are awoken by sunlight in the morning, or are in need of a really good nap, the nodpod sleep mask can help you get the rest you need. Our elongated sleep mask easily attaches to your pillowcase, allowing you to enjoy the soft and reassuring comfort of your very own pillow. It?s always by your side, making it easy to locate when you need a little help getting to sleep.
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