Reddit + Pinterest + Wikipedia = A home page for every topic on the web Most topics don't have a dedicated home on the web. They are tired of being poorly articulated, partially represented, hard-to-find, overlooked, and overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of the internet. WE are tired of having to dig for quality content - often wasting our time with low-quality, irrelevant, and overly-biased content along the way. The time is right and the technology is ready, yet no company is effectively addressing this problem. We aim to change that. We combined features from a few of our (and the world's) favorite sites - Wikipedia, Pinterest, and Reddit - to create what we affectionately call the "Node". Nodes enable us to find exactly the content we are looking for, organized brilliantly and presented beautifully. If you want to learn about a topic (whether you're looking for a simple, high-level understanding or the full picture - complete with multiple sources, and dynamic, up-to-date content), Nodify is the place to start... and, if we do our job right, end.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $65K