Introducing a personal way to explore the topics which matter to you Just imagine any social bookmarking website, say Pinterest, merged together with a Discovery Engine such as StumbleUpon. Social Bookmarking allows users to add their own content, while discovery engine makes accurate suggestions related to that content. Individual users can use our services to help them explore content they are interested in while our smart context aware semantic filtering hides unwanted information. Users will be able to contribute on various topics, which will not just add value to a specific topic but also highlight meaningful relationships between sub-topics. Visually represented as a graph, navigation is done through bubbles or Nodes. For every Node, user would be able to see most relevant content around it, from articles to pictures. From there you can either Explore further thorough any Node you are interested in or View the Node itself, showing the actual content inside, like text from an article or a video from youtube.
Member count: 1-10