Node.js tool that analyzes routes and asynchronous resources NodeReaction was inspired by a group of developers and their curiosity in the Event Loop & Async Hooks. We here at NodeReaction share a common love of contributing to the open source community. Our goal was to build a tool where developers could see the granular performance of their asynchronous activity, so they would be able to easily optimize their applications. With this in-depth level of data, it was important to have a user interface that was easy to use, and robust in visualizing the granularity of this data. NodeReaction is a platform agnostic performance monitoring service, and installable framework that lives in user's code to analyze routes & asynchronous performance. Node Reaction is the service users go to to view a breakdown in the performance of their applications. With a single line of code, users can see the performance and health of their Node server, and understand where bottlenecks exist in their application.