Nockdev Entertainment
The future of games We have created Afterlifes a survival game. It isn't really a game it's a dream. For the first look, it looks like any abandoned survival game on the market, but there is something more behind our project. A whole new idea, a new background, a new point. Enemies never seen before. A new world with different challenges. We experiment a lot, experiment to find the perfect balance between realism and fun in this parallel universe. To ship something bigger for the people. A game that creates a new Golden Era for survival games, while creating a brand new genre, a fine mixture of the most trending genres. It's in an Early Alpha state, but we are full of ideas and ambitions to improve Afterlifes to a level where it creates a brand new genre of video games. We also work on ultra realistic simulations. AR simulations that use modern technologies to make you feel that you are really in that environment. Giving you the feeling that your are really on a gokart track or on a hand ball field.
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