Pay-it-Forward network for connecting people through random acts of kindness Nobly, founded in 2014, is an innovative mobile app designed to document and encourage random acts of kindness. Nobly provides users with the ability to track their own good deeds, the deeds that were done for them, and engage with deeds done for others. Random acts of kindness are happening all around us on a daily basis. These deeds are capable of providing immense gratification for everyone involved. As well, these deeds have amazing potential for virality and inspiration on social-networks, blogs, and in real life. However, their publication and sharing is largely fragmented online; a go-to source for harnessing the potential of these deeds doesn?t exist. So what if you could track all of the deeds for a cause in one place? What if you could use a single deed as a catalyst for far-reaching change? And what if you could then track all of the people impacted by your original act of kindness? That?s what's happening with Nobly, the Pay-it-forward network.
Member count: 1-10