Noblr is a new kind of car insurance based on how you ACTUALLY drive Noblr is smart car insurance for smart drivers that rewards its members' good driving habits by giving highly accurate, competitive rates that are based on, among other things, time of driving, road choice, quality of driving, and miles driven. Noblr is an innovator in terms of its proprietary insurance solutions and its corporate structure. Through a reciprocal exchange model, Noblr customers are members who help steer the company's direction. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA , with a service hub in Austin, TX, Noblr's experienced team of seasoned insurance and technology leaders have received investments from top-tier companies like HSCM Bermuda Management Company, White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd., and Third Point Re. The Noblr team and its members are working together to change the way we think about driving and our insurance.
Member count: 11-50

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