Film BRIGHT FLAME is a $30,000,000.00 Adventure/Drama Australian/UK co-production feature planned for 2017 release based on true events that deals with contemporary animal rights issues within an adventure/drama framework (not a Doc) with romance, dark comedy and mystery involved. To save the Sumatran Tiger from extinction, Australian actress turned activist works with the legendary Ghost Tiger and an American writer to fight the rampant poaching devastation and a multinational corporation intent on deforestation. No film has covered this controversial subject within the intriguing format of an adventure/drama/thriller. With Nat Geo reaching 41.5 million followers on Instagram and WWF engaging with 226k followers - there's a growing market interested in animal welfare & contemporary environmental issues. Aim is for this market & the controversy surrounding ethical treatment of animals can spark numerous debates on social platforms as made clear in the tragic murder of Cecil the lion.