Noble Energy Drink
Natural, no caffeine, no GMO, MD endorsed healthy energy drink FIRST HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE ON THE ENERGY DRINK MARKET THIS IS ONLY MEDICALLY ENDORSED ENERGY DRINK BY MD WHO IS Top 100 Most Influential in SF . In today?s beverage market saturated with sugary sodas and energy drinks that on average have 10-14 teaspoon of sugar (Noble has only approx. 3 teaspoons organic raw sugar, per 12oz bottle). In a growing health conscious society, there is a need for a better solution. :UNCAFFEINATED, GMO FREE AND ANY PRESERVATIVES FREE, NATURAL TASTE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS, ESSENTIAL DAILY VITAMINS VALUES ADDED. NO GMO, SPARKLING. INTEGRAL PART OF OUR BUSINESS IS SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP MODEL AND GIVE-BACK COMMITMENT. We are finished with samples and production ready. Looking for production investors. More info and samples available, NDA required.
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