ComiXology for Trade Publishing The largest trade publishers (Random House/Penguin, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, etc.) have seen their margins decimated by the ebook format. Noble Beast? offers a premium enhanced book product and channel that returns high margins to publishers. Noble Beast? is an enhanced-book publisher and digital retailer. As a publisher Noble Beast? licenses subsidiary rights for trade publications and re-publishes these works as enhanced books for advanced eReaders and tablet computers (e.g. Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire). The target market, people who read books, will be over 4 billion in 10 years. The incredible adoption rate of eBooks on one hand and advanced tablets on the other will lead to a huge market for enhanced ebooks in the near future and we want to establish the brand and channel to dominate this market in the same way that ComiXology dominates the digital comic book market.
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