Noble Patient Advocacy
Improving Your Healthcare Experience Health care is no longer personal. Going to the doctor by yourself can often feel intimidating and overwhelming. If you're sick and in pain, you can often forget to ask important questions about your condition and its treatment. You might not remember everything that is said to you during the appointment. With today's employers making it hard for family members to take time off in order to care for their loved ones, you can feel like you are alone. I've started Noble Patient Advocacy to help make healthcare personal again. I will be there for you or your loved ones to ensure that your medical questions are answered, and that you are treated with respect and compassion. Whether I?m collecting your medical records from different sources, finding local agencies to help you with specific problems or working with you to develop personally-tailored plans for each doctor?s visit, there?s something I can do to help make your health care experience less stressful.
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