Real Clothing for Real Americans, Simple, Real Simple Warrior Wear is simple. Real Simple - because we're simple guys. It was created by a couple of bored combat veterans with more motivation than good judgement for the purpose of using a portion of the profits to support our veteran brothers and sisters through the veterans' non-profit - Disposable Warriors. We want to give them the help that we didn't always have. ?All shirts are 100% designed, printed, packaged, and shipped BY VETERANS and VETERAN-OWNED BUSINESSES in the great country of Texas (which, by the way, is bigger than France - just so you're aware.) ?Some of the designs are probably macabre, dark and/or a little twisted. We know it and we're perfectly okay with that - we're a little twisted at times. It's the way our minds work. You can thank dear Uncle Sam. It's because we care; again, we're simple guys. By the way, up to 25% of all profits go directly to Disposable Warriors, a 501(c)(3) veteran's charity! ? ?