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Design | Engineer | Manufacture - IoT & Hardware Product Development Services NOA Labs aims to make product development accessible to everyone through its innovative end-to-end development services. NOA Labs was founded in 2012 by German engineer Lech Alexander Murawski. Holding a Master of Science in Mechatronics from Dresden University of Technology, he has worked on various challenging projects in Germany, USA, and Japan for companies such as BMW, TUV, and Airbus. Having also co-founded nexpaq.com, makeblock.cc, and senic.com, he is an alumni of HAX and Y Combinator. With deep industry experience in manufacturing and product development in Asia, his experiences have fostered strong connections in Germany, Silicon Valley, and China. Today he drives NOA Labs with his passion to make innovation and product development accessible to everyone. Originally founded in Munich, Germany, NOA Labs moved its headquarters to Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2012 ? the world?s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping and production. Here we are able to connect our design and engineering capabilities directly to a network of the world?s best manufacturing. This allows us to develop all kinds of products and produce in any quantity, as well as a broad network for sourcing all kinds of components, and various logistics providers for fast global shipping. Our mechanical, electronics, firmware, app and cloud engineers can develop an entire IoT product from scratch or can work together with your team to cover areas you need support in. Contact us to start your project.
Member count: 51-200