Next Level Training Systems
Adaptive fitness studio for people with diseases and dysfunctions I am aspiring to develop a fitness studio that mainly focuses on special populations whom deal with diseases, dysfunctions, permanent problems, and other unfortunate occurrences in their lives. I was my mother's caregiver for 2 years and I trained her. She was tired of the hospital, therapy, and other medical/clinical facilities. All she wanted to do was to work out. I believe a lot of these people aspire to do the same and simply want to go somewhere where they can get their mind of the usual pain, and create a "good kind of pain." The commercial setting is usually intimidating and uncomfortable. Bring this population will create the opposite, encouragement and comfort. Whether it be cancer, (chemo/radiation), blind, deaf, Lyme disease, stroke survivors, neurological/motor control dysfunctions, extreme obesity, etc. Lets get these people up, moving, and on their way to a stronger version of themselves!