New Leaf Organics AG

New Leaf Organics AG
New Leaf Organics AG's (NLO) endeavor is to better the planet, help people, create jobs, think strategically, set new standards, act sustainably, continue to grow and to create community opportunities in the European Union & Global legal hemp space. NLO is a vertically integrated and commercial producer of legal cannabis sativa (less than 0.2% THC). Our eco-system is founded and developed by our scientific utilization of cutting-edge natural genetic strains of craft hemp using organic farming practices to provide alternative cannabinoid medicinal options in the Canary Islands and the globe. Our soil rich farmland consistently allows NLO to produce only the latest state-of-the-art 100% Organic EU Certified (GAP-GPP) CBD & CBG genetics in the world, boasting 4 -6 harvest of biomass a year! ( >.2% THC, <15%-34% CBD) (<5% - 15% CBG). Our German operation refines and extracts our biomass into GMP-GPP EU -US-UK Certified crude oil, isolates, distillates and other refined hemp wholesale materials in Europe and leading global certified extraction facilities. Our scenic and state-of-the-art certified Canary Islands-Tenerife, Spain outdoor cultivation operation, which is the first legal hemp grow operation in the islands, boast 4.8 to 6 outdoor harvest each year, as we are fortunate to be located in the world’s best optimal agricultural climate. New Leaf Organics “craft hemp” cultivation and extraction endeavor supports our first phase in the Canary Islands on a 5 hectare (approx 12 acres) footprint with the ability expand to 100 Hectares (approx 246 acres). NLO will continue to pursue other CBD & CBG grow and extraction opportunities in other parts of the Spanish coast, Cyprus and the EU.
Location: Spain, Arona
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2019